Corn-husk Filter

Made with organic corn husk and absolutely no artificial additives, our Corn husk filters are made using a delicate porous design to allow ample airflow without any worry of herb reaching the lips. This Corn husk filters work to cool down your hits, giving milky, smooth puffs every time. Can use for any blunt, joint or cigarillo. 1. Made with Non-GMO Corn Husk, 2. Creates Smooth and Cool Airflow, 3. Stops Oils from Staining Lips & Teeth. 4. You can make hole and insert your preferred flavor inside for better experience.

Size (Diameter x Length)

  • Rollie Size : 9 mm x 25mm (Regular Size)
  • Mini Size : 9 mm x 25mm (Regular Size)
  • Slim Size : 9 mm x 25mm (Regular Size)
  • King Size : 12mm x 25mm