About Us

Kings Cheroot manufactures natural Cordia Palm leaf rolls that conserve the traditional for sustainability. We’re proud of our work in promoting and value addition of rural farming of Cordia Plants.
Being the original manufacturer of traditional tobacco cigars and wraps in Asia, we are proud of our work that empower rural farmers and conserve the forest for sustainability.
We believe that people should care about nature, environment, planet and more importantly safe and clean smoke when choosing which blunts/papers to smoke. That’s how our journey begins with Natural Cordia leaf rolls.

Why Kingscheroot?

We are driven by passion. We strongly argue that ‘’Quit smoking is not the answer” instead we provide better option with KingCheroot’s organic wraps.

Every part of making our natural Pre-Rolls ensure to enrich the safety of smoke.

We make the perfect design to ensure only the highest quality contains and the finest part green cordia leaves are well treated and crafted with corn husk filter to become all but authentic and best natural blunts. These natural wraps are tobacco free, no nicotine, no chemical or artificial additives.

Unlike those rolling papers, there is no glue that burns, no bleach nor soaked to make them slow burning and doesn’t require cutting the trees. Instead, we plant more and only the mature leaves are carefully hand picked and used.

Our cordia leaf has intrinsic specialties to offer you ultra smooth, original taste and super slow burning.